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node_printer Class Reference

#include <display.hh>

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Detailed Description

The default printing class for standard text output to the console. Also contains logic for printing in Mathematica and Maple format, to be split off in a separate class hierarchy later.

Definition at line 77 of file display.hh.

Public Types

typedef exptree::iterator iterator
typedef exptree::sibling_iterator sibling_iterator

Public Member Functions

 node_printer (exptree_output &)
virtual void print_infix (std::ostream &, iterator)

Protected Member Functions

bool children_have_brackets (iterator) const
void print_children (std::ostream &, exptree::iterator, int skip=0)
void print_closing_bracket (std::ostream &, str_node::bracket_t, str_node::parent_rel_t)
void print_multiplier (std::ostream &, exptree::iterator)
void print_opening_bracket (std::ostream &, str_node::bracket_t, str_node::parent_rel_t)
void print_parent_rel (std::ostream &, str_node::parent_rel_t, bool first)
std::string texify (const std::string &) const

Protected Attributes

str_node::bracket_t current_bracket_
str_node::parent_rel_t current_parent_rel_
bool isdelta
bool isweyl
exptree_output & parent
str_node::bracket_t previous_bracket_
str_node::parent_rel_t previous_parent_rel_
const exptree & tr

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