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XCadabra Class Reference

#include <window.hh>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Each notebook has one cadabra process associated to it, and one main window to control it.

Definition at line 229 of file window.hh.

Public Member Functions

void add_canvas ()
Glib::RefPtr< DataCelladd_cell (Glib::RefPtr< DataCell >, Glib::RefPtr< DataCell > ref, bool before=true)
void clear ()
void connect_io_signals ()
bool current_objtype_and_name (CadabraHelp::objtype_t &, std::string &)
void disconnect_io_signals ()
std::string expo (const std::string &) const
bool handle_editbox_output (std::string str, NotebookCanvas *, VisualCell *)
 Data from the NotebookCanvas objects arrives here.
void handle_on_grab_focus (NotebookCanvas *, VisualCell *)
 Events from the notebook cells arrive here.
bool handle_outbox_select (GdkEventButton *, NotebookCanvas *, VisualCell *)
bool handle_tex_update_request (std::string, NotebookCanvas *, VisualCell *)
bool handle_visibility_toggle (GdkEventButton *, NotebookCanvas *, VisualCell *)
void input_cell_modified ()
void insert_at_mark (const std::string instxt)
std::string load (const std::string &, bool ignore_nonexistence=false)
bool on_autocomplete ()
void on_clipboard_clear ()
void on_clipboard_get (Gtk::SelectionData &, guint info)
 Clipboard handling.
virtual bool on_configure_event (GdkEventConfigure *)
virtual bool on_delete_event (GdkEventAny *)
void on_edit_copy ()
void on_edit_divide_cell ()
void on_edit_insert_input_above ()
void on_edit_insert_input_below ()
void on_edit_insert_section_above ()
void on_edit_insert_tex_above ()
void on_edit_insert_tex_below ()
void on_edit_paste ()
void on_edit_remove_cell ()
void on_file_export_text ()
void on_file_new ()
 All the menu routines.
void on_file_open ()
void on_file_print ()
void on_file_quit ()
void on_file_save ()
void on_file_save_as ()
void on_help_about ()
void on_help_algorithms (const std::string &)
void on_help_citing ()
void on_help_context ()
void on_help_properties (const std::string &)
void on_help_reserved (const std::string &)
bool on_kernel_exit (modglue::ext_process &)
 Handling starting/restarting of the kernel.
virtual bool on_key_press_event (GdkEventKey *)
 Toplevel keyboard handling.
void on_kill ()
void on_my_erase (const Gtk::TextIter &start, const Gtk::TextIter &end, Glib::RefPtr< DataCell >)
void on_my_insert (const Gtk::TextIter &pos, const Glib::ustring &text, int bytes, Glib::RefPtr< DataCell >)
void on_run ()
void on_run_from ()
void on_run_to ()
void on_settings_font_size (int)
void on_signal_exception ()
void on_stop ()
void on_tutorial_open (unsigned int)
void on_view_close ()
void on_view_split ()
bool quit_safeguard (bool quit=true)
bool receive (modglue::ipipe &p)
bool receive_err (modglue::ipipe &p)
std::string save (const std::string &) const
void show_cell (Glib::RefPtr< DataCell >)
void tex_cell_modified ()
 XCadabra (modglue::ext_process &, const std::string &filename, modglue::main *)

Public Attributes

std::string accumulated_error
std::string clipboard_cdb
std::string clipboard_txt
int font_step

Private Types

typedef std::list
< Glib::RefPtr< DataCell > > 
enum  parse_mode_t {
  m_status, m_eqno, m_eq, m_property,
  m_algorithm, m_reserved, m_discard, m_comment,
  m_error, m_progress, m_plain

Private Member Functions

bool action_add (Glib::RefPtr< ActionBase >)
void action_redo ()
void action_undo ()
void add_algorithm_help (const std::string &)
void add_property_help (const std::string &)
 Collection of all known algorithm and property names, as extracted from the kernel.
void add_reserved_help (const std::string &)
bool callmm (Glib::IOCondition, int fd)
std::string duplicate_underscores (const std::string &str) const
void kernel_idle ()
std::string load_config ()
bool make_backup (const std::string &) const
void remove_noninput_below (Glib::RefPtr< DataCell >)
std::string save_config () const
 Configuration data saving/loading.
void update_title ()

Private Attributes

Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::ActionGroup > actiongroup
std::string algorithm
std::set< std::string > algorithm_set
Gtk::Label b_cdbstatus
Gtk::Button b_help
Gtk::Label b_kernelversion
Gtk::Button b_kill
Gtk::Button b_redo
Gtk::Button b_run
Gtk::Button b_run_from
Gtk::Button b_run_to
Gtk::Button b_stop
Gtk::Button b_undo
Gtk::HBox buttonbox
std::vector< NotebookCanvas * > canvasses
 Boxes and widgets.
modglue::ext_process & cdb
modglue::main * cmm
std::map< int, sigc::connection > connections
DataCells_t datacells
bool disable_stacks
std::string eq
std::string eqno
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::RadioAction > font_action0
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::RadioAction > font_action1
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::RadioAction > font_action2
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::RadioAction > font_action3
bool have_received
CadabraHelp help_window
Gdk::Cursor hglass
 Various assorted other variables related to communicating with the kernel.
std::map< long, Glib::RefPtr
< DataCell > > 
long last_used_id
bool load_file
Gtk::VBox mainbox
bool modified
std::string name
std::vector< parse_mode_t > parse_mode
std::string plain
std::string progress
int progress_count
int progress_done
int progress_todo
Gtk::ProgressBar progressbar1
Gtk::ProgressBar progressbar2
Gtk::VBox progressbarvbox
std::string property
std::set< std::string > property_set
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::Action > redo_action_menu
ActionStack redo_stack
std::string reserved
bool restarting_kernel
bool running
Glib::RefPtr< DataCellrunning_last
 Cut-n-paste data.
std::string status
Gtk::HBox statusbarbox
Gtk::HBox statusbox
Gtk::HBox supermainbox
TeXEngine tex_engine
Gtk::VBox topbox
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::UIManager > uimanager
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::Action > undo_action_menu
ActionStack undo_stack
 Variables for the undo/redo mechanism.

Static Private Attributes

static const char *const autocomplete_strings []


class ActionAddCell
class ActionRemoveCell

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