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LiE::LiE_t Class Reference

#include <lie.hh>

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Detailed Description

A frontend to use LiE algorithms from within C++.

Definition at line 30 of file lie.hh.

Public Types

enum  algebra_t {
  alg_A = 'A', alg_B = 'B', alg_C = 'C', alg_D = 'D',
  alg_E = 'E', alg_F = 'F', alg_G = 'G'
typedef std::vector< rep_t > reps_t

Public Member Functions

bool alt_sym_tensor (unsigned int, const std::vector< rep_t > &, std::vector< rep_t > &, bool issym)
bool alt_tensor (unsigned int, const std::vector< rep_t > &, std::vector< rep_t > &)
unsigned int dim (const std::vector< rep_t > &)
unsigned int dim (const rep_t &)
void keep_largest_dim (std::vector< rep_t > &, int selfdual=0)
 Keep the representation with the largest dimension.
 LiE_t (algebra_t alg=alg_D, unsigned int d=5)
unsigned int multiplicity_of_singlet (const std::vector< rep_t > &) const
 Find the number of singlets in a list of representations.
bool plethysm (const std::vector< unsigned int > &, const std::vector< rep_t > &, std::vector< rep_t > &, bool traceless=false, int selfdual=0)
bool plethysm (const std::vector< unsigned int > &tab, std::vector< rep_t > &res, bool traceless, int selfdual=0)
void start ()
void stop ()
bool sym_tensor (unsigned int, const std::vector< rep_t > &, std::vector< rep_t > &)
bool tensor (const std::vector< rep_t > &, const std::vector< rep_t > &, std::vector< rep_t > &)
 Routines which map 1-1 to a LiE command.

Public Attributes

unsigned int algebra_dim
algebra_t algebra_type

Private Types

enum  parsemode_t { START, MULT, REP }

Private Member Functions

void eat_white ()
int kgetc ()
void kungetc (int)
void putalgtype (std::ostream &str)
void putrep (std::ostream &str, const rep_t &rep)
void putreps (std::ostream &str, const std::vector< rep_t > &reps)
int read_int ()
void read_replist (std::vector< rep_t > &)
void wait_newline ()
void wait_prompt ()

Private Attributes

char curchar
modglue::child_process lie_proc
int pid


class  rep_t

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